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HSHS St. Joseph’s Highland Unveils 3D Mammography Service

Highland, IL – HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Highland unveiled the new 3D mammography service on Thursday during a ribbon cutting ceremony held in the Basler Family Women & Children’s Center at the hospital.

In order to continue to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage in patients, St. Joseph’s Hospital recently invested over $350,000 to expand the current mammography services with advanced 3D mammography. The advanced mammogram equipment was installed in January and began service earlier this week.

This new, state-of-the-art technology allows St. Joseph’s Hospital to offer 3D mammograms, as a complement to the current 2D services.

“This kind of technology has a great impact on me as a patient,” said Judy Zampogna, one of the first 3D mammography patients at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “The ability to have a much clearer picture for the radiologist to read means they are more likely to see even small things that might be a problem. That’s very important to me as a patient.”

3D mammography reduces the number of patient call backs by providing clearer images for the radiologist to see.

“One of the advantages of 3-D has been shown that it decreases the number of callbacks, which is very important," said Miguel Gelman, M.D., a radiologist with MidAmerica Radiology group, which serves St. Joseph's Hospital. "The most stressful part from a patient's point of view is being called back because there was something seen and there's a chance it might be cancer. With 3-D, the percentage of patients who have to be called back is almost decreased by half."

The new technology at St. Joseph’s Hospital was paid for through a capital campaign that raised the full cost of the machine. The HSHS St. Joseph’s Foundation launched the campaign in late October and had raised the full amount by mid-December. The success of the campaign was due in large part to an estate gift that was left to the hospital by Ruth E. Schroeder, a former patient at the hospital, in memory of her and her husband, William F. Schroeder, as well as a $20,000 donation from the Highland Rotary Club.

As part of the ribbon cutting event, Highland Rotary Club president Bob Luitjohan, along with members of the Highland Rotary Club, presented a check to HSHS St. Joseph’s Foundation for $20,000 in support of the 3D mammography campaign.

“The Highland Rotary Club has always been a huge supporter of our foundation and of community health,” said Amy Liefer, Foundation Director, HSHS St. Joseph’s Foundation. “We are so grateful for their commitment to making 3D mammography technology available to our community.”

On average, 3D mammograms:

  • have the ability to detect 40% more cancers than 2D mammograms
  • offer 29% improvement in overall cancer detection rates
  • reduce false positives up to 40%
  • allow the radiologist to see masses and distortions associated with cancers significantly more clearly than conventional 2D
  • reduce the need for additional imaging in order to better visualize tissue up to 40%, compared to 2D mammography

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved 3D mammography to be used with standard mammography in 2011, but not all insurance providers cover the procedure. Patients considering 3D mammography should check with their insurance provider to see if your personal, family, or medical history qualifies you for the exam. Patients whose insurance does not cover the procedure but would like the benefits of a 3D mammogram have the option to pay an out of pocket fee.

To schedule an annual screening mammogram, call St. Joseph’s Imaging Department at (618) 651-2790. A physician referral is not required. For more information about Mammography Services at St. Joseph’s, visit our website at

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