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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapist is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of communication, cognition and swallowing disorders for patients of all ages.

Communication and swallowing disorders can affect anyone at any age. Millions of children and adults in America suffer from communication and swallowing problems. HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital offers Speech Therapy services to inpatients and outpatients of all ages.

Speech Therapy services offered include:

  • Evaluation and treatment for aphasia following a stroke
  • Evaluation and treatment for cognitive disorders caused by stroke, brain injury or other neurological conditions
  • Evaluation and treatment for voice disorders
  • Evaluation and treatment for disorders affecting speech clarity
  • Evaluation (via clinical and/or modified barium swallow) and treatment for swallowing disorders
  • Evaluation and treatment for childhood speech and language disorders
  • Parkinson's Voice Disorders | Learn More LSVT Loud
All services are provided by experienced therapists that are certified by the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA). Evaluation and treatment sessions are one-on-one.  Care plans are developed in cooperation with patients and families, and are specifically tailored to address the individual patient’s needs and goals. Speech Therapy services are offered Monday through Friday, by appointment.

A referral or order from your physician/provider is required prior to speech therapy services. To schedule an appointment, call 618-651-2720. Outpatient Speech Therapy Services is conveniently located on the first floor in the Medical Office Building.