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Highland Priority Care
St. Joseph's Hospital Highland Priority Care

Highland Priority Care has the same convenient hours at its new location!

7 Days a Week, 7am-7pm
12866 Troxler Avenue, in Highland
618-651-ASAP (2727)

Highland Priority Care has relocated to the new St. Joseph's Hospital campus! Thanks to its relocation, Highland Priority Care features new state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment. AccessHighland Priority Care by using the Highway 160 entry to the new St. Joseph's Hospital campus - with the Highland Priority Care registration desk located right inside the pedestrian Emergency entrance at the new hospital.

Priority Care means that patients are our first priority. We believe in offering high-quality care every day of the year during both daytime and evening hours to meet your needs.

We understand that the healing process can't always wait for regular physician office hours. Whether it is before work, after school, or over the weekend, Highland Priority Care staff will be available to care for you. Just because it is after hours doesn't mean you will have to compromise on your care.

All patients who visit Highland Priority Care have access to our board-certified physicians and highly trained clinical staff. Our entire care team — including physicians, nurses, lab and X-ray techs and clerical staff — are committed to providing an outstanding patient experience for you and your family. We diagnose and treat both adults and children of all ages. Best of all, you get treated by people you trust. Highland Priority Care is operated by St. Joseph's Hospital and we've been providing care to the community for decades. When you visit our facility, you won't just feel like you're a patient, but a friend and neighbor — because that is what you are.

Walk-in care

When you have a minor injury or illness that needs immediate attention, Highland Priority Care is the answer. No appointment is needed. Sprains and strains, aches and pains — our friendly physicians and staff will care for you when you come in for check-ups and other scheduled appointments. In general, walk-in patients spend about 45 minutes at Highland Priority Care from the time they walk in to the time they walk out. Highland Priority Care automatically sends all information and test results for walk-in patients to their primary care physicians unless otherwise instructed by the patient.

Primary care

If you don't currently have a primary care physician, or if you need more scheduling flexibility in your primary care provider, Highland Priority Care is the solution for you. You can schedule appointments in advance that make sense for you while still receiving the same high-quality care.

On-site lab & X-ray facilities

Highland Priority Care utilizes the new St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Imaging and Lab— fully licensed X-ray and laboratory facilities staffed by experienced lab and X-ray techs. In general, that menas you can get your test results during your visit. Then, if needed, the doctor will wirte prescriptions, make referrals or take other steps for follow-up care. It's quick and easy.

For more information, call 618-651-ASAP (2727).

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